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Tray Chaney Endorses Dads Behaving Dadly

We are very excited to announce the endorsement of actor Tray Chaney to our Dads Behaving Dadly Project!

Tray is a highly celebrated up and coming actor who is best known for his role as “Poot” on the HBO Original hit series “The Wire.” The strikingly handsome young man of many talents has starred in several movies including “Head of State” and “The Salon,” authored an inspirational autobiography titled “The Truth You Can’t BeTray,” and has recently stepped into the world of music as a writer, producer and rapper with his own production company, “Firedrop Music Group,” that he established with long-time friend Don Cox.

As Tray’s career continues on the road of endless and indomitable creativity, Tray considers his most important role to be an involved father to 6-year old Malachi and 18-year old Martina. “I have a voice,” Tray told us when he decided to endorse our project and submit a couple of stories, “so I’m going to keep encouraging fathers around the world to keep putting your families and kids first!”

Speaking to Tray for only a few minutes is all it takes to understand how dedicated he is to advocating for involved fatherhood. It is this passion for fatherhood that inspired him to write and perform this song titled simply, “Fatherhood.”

We are humbled by Tray’s endorsement and participation in our project to rebrand the image of fatherhood.

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