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Book Project to Radically Rebrand Image of Fatherhood

Experienced at-home fathers and writers Hogan Hilling and Al Watts are excited to announce a new book and website project titled, Dads Behaving Dadly: Chronicling the Fatherhood Revolution. The two are working together to gather a range of stories detailing the real lives of involved fathers in the United States, Canada, England and Australia.

Hilling and Watts expect the project to rebrand the image of fatherhood by highlighting all that is good about dads; provide good role models for fathers; help the public recognize and appreciate fatherhood; acknowledge the benefits of a dad’s presence in a child’s life and community; and validate a father’s contribution to parenting.

“The perception of the last 100 years has been that dad is the secondary or back-up parent,” said Watts. “The truth is that many dads today are actively and passionately involved with their children and we think it is time to share the stories of these dads with the world.”

This will be the fifth parenting book by Hilling, a veteran motivational speaker and fatherhood advocate and the first for Watts who is President of National At-Home Dad Network, (formerly Daddyshome, Inc) and a blogger for several websites. Their project launched today at and on Facebook.

Dads Behaving Dadly: Chronicling the Fatherhood Revolution will consist of real stories from involved dads. Hilling and Watts already have more than 100 dads commit to telling their stories and are actively seeking more.

The written submissions must be less than 750 words and include an experience the dad had with his children; express his feelings that occurred in that situation; address his problem solving skills; illustrate the lessons the children learned; and tell how his children benefit from his active involvement. Topics can include virtually anything fatherhood related, from pregnancy and childbirth to helping children achieve their milestones and goals or how the dad helped his children do something special for their mother. View a sample story at

Stories can be submitted at

Because the editors feel strongly about the need to support active fathers, they plan to donate 10 percent of the proceeds of the book to the National At-Home Dad Network, which supports, educates and advocates for stay at-home fathers.

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