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About Dads Behaving DADLY

More and more fathers are asserting themselves and actively taking part in changing diapers, attending doctor’s appointments, participating in PTA meetings and helping with homework.

In short, fatherhood is alive and well!

We have seen the dramatic shift into to modern fatherhood. In fact, we have lived it.

Hogan became a stay-at-home dad in 1992 and quickly became an advocate for involved fatherhood. He wrote articles, led workshops for fathers at local hospitals, spoke to corporations about the advantages of being an involved father and published many self-help parenting books.

Al became a stay-at-home dad in 2002 and soon after joined the National At-Home Dad Network, eventually rising to be its President in 2011. He wrote many blog posts about life as a stay-at-home dad and revealed to parents and brands on social media the truths about the capabilities and desires of fathers in the 21st century.

The image of fatherhood, however, has not changed much despite the reality we have lived and witnessed in the thousands of fathers we have met. We decided to change that and in 2012 launched a book project we titled “Dads Behaving DADLY.”

DADLY is an adjective meaning the actions and emotions of being an involved father. It is a term coined first by Hogan Hilling.

The mission of the book project was to reveal the truths, tears and triumphs of modern fatherhood we had heard for years to a public that had yet to completely change its opinion of dads as bumbling, incompetent parents.

Dads of different socio-economic backgrounds, races and family structures began sending us hundreds of stories which candidly described successes they achieved as actively, involved parents and how they felt about them. Their honest, heart-warming, and humorous stories provide an in-depth look into how fatherhood has changed.

They are “Dads Behaving DADLY.”

A new image of fatherhood will emerge as you read the stories in our book, Dads Behaving DADLY: 67 Truths, Tears and Triumphs of Modern Fatherhood and our blog. No longer will you see dads as stoic, inept, incompetent, hands-off parents. You will see dads are in the trenches; changing diapers, teaching independence and sacrificing career advancement to do what it takes to be involved parents. You will learn how dads parent differently and how it provides unique benefits for their children.

The dads who shared the stories in our book demonstrated tremendous courage by publicly sharing their most intimate thoughts and experiences about being a father. What was even more admirable was the trust and faith all these dads had in us. Most of the dads had never met us, yet they felt safe and comfortable enough to open their hearts and souls to us. The reason they trusted us was because we created a safe, non-judgmental environment to freely express how they sincerely and honestly felt about fatherhood. We continue to offer that on our blog and Facebook page.

The dads in our book have proven the loving, tender, devoted, masculine spirit of fatherhood is alive and well!